Thursday, July 4, 2013

What Will Be Will Be - The Illustrations

The illustration for What Will Be Will Be was created by James O'Brien.  James is a freelance illustrator and an instructor at the College of Visual Arts in Saint Paul, MN.  James recently was included in the latest edition of 200 Best Illustrators Worldwide from Lürzer’s Archive.

I met James while working on the Flint Hills International Children's Festival last year.  His students worked on illustrations for the discovery boxes created for the garden display that I and my staff created.  I remember at the first meeting with James (this was also the first time the festival had partnered with James and the College of Visual Arts) everyone left the meeting thinking, "wow, what a great guy."  James has continued in the "great guy" tradition by being a part of The Book of Bartholomew and being a great guy to have coffee with (I don't drink coffee, but I enjoy watching other people drink coffee and James took to this rather well).

James submitted the above illustration for the story What Will Be Will Be which is basically a story about a fight between Claire and Ned.  I like the illustration because it captures a subtle aspect of the story: Claire moved into Ned's apartment, into his world, and she doesn't quite fit.  As the British say, she is "pink with unfitting." I also enjoy James' style of illustration and the quality of his line.

You can visit James' blog and read more about his illustrations and how he makes them. His most recent post is about a portrait of An Wang. In it he breaks down how he created the different layers of the illustration - quite interesting. James has also consented to creating another illustration for story #38: Broken Dreams in The Book of Bartholomew.

What Will Be Will Be will be published on Friday, July 5, 2013.

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