Monday, February 3, 2014

Tree of Want - The Illustrations

I have waited sooooooooooo long to share this illustration.  I actually created this illustration of the tree in Bartholomew's backyard for the very first story.  It is the first official illustration I did for The Book of Bartholomew.  Now, thirty one stories and fourteen months later I am finally able to show this to you.

I originally was trying to fit Bartholomew's small house in the image, but eventually took it out.  I really enjoy playing with detail and distance.  This illustration, created with watercolor and ink, portrays the far away leaves being large clumps of leaves.  As the leaves get closer to the viewer, more detail is visible.

I also had fun making Oliver, Bartholomew's cat.  I tried him in a few different positions and settled on him looking right up at the viewer.

But, this is now the illustration for Tree of Want, which will be published tomorrow, Friday, December 2.  So I had to change it slightly to work for the new story.  In Tree of Want, Bartholomew has to climb a tree to save Oliver, Henrietta the chicken and Hump-Pug who are all stuck at different heights.  So, in the final I created an illustration of Hump-Pug and slipped it into the tree illustration I had created so long ago.

And THAT is the story of this illustration.  I am so happy you finally get to see it.
Who ever can identify this tree by its leaves (genus and species) will win a mini-book!

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