Thursday, June 27, 2013

Growing A Community - Illustrations by JM Culver - Published Tomorrow!

Growing a Community, the 28th story in The Book of Bartholomew, is published tomorrow!

This story about Bartholomew, his friends and his family planting the garden is illustrated by JM Culver.  JM is a Twin City artist who currently is attending graduate school in Syracuse, New York.  The working title of this story, when JM first received it, was Building a Community.  I like that she created these wonderful hands at work for this story.  Anyone who has spent time gardening or building community knows it takes work -- lots of work.  For the interior pages I borrowed plant parts from this illustration.

Check out JM's work from the links on her bio-page.  She does amazing paintings of figures that are imbued with feelings and associations.  Here is a link to an interview she recently did for MN Originals.  It is very insightful into her work.

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