Monday, April 22, 2013

The Nanny Diary - Story

I really enjoyed writing this story.  I had been thinking about writing this one for a long time.  Originally, I planned on it being located about five stories before where it is now.  But as I wrote other stories this one kept getting pushed off. Yet, my mind kept thinking about it and reviewing outlines and possibilities.  When I finally wrote it, it was easy.  The story poured out of me like slippery water.  But then I started adding a scene with Xavier and Khua at the end.  I thought this seemed completely wrong -- the part with Xavier and Khua should get picked up somewhere else.  But when I was done, it was obvious that the ending needed to stay.  It brings a depth and strength in direction for the following stories.

Although Bartholomew has been portrayed in a love scene previously (see Bartholomew and a Carload of Trouble or Bartholomew and the Cabana Fire), this is a bit more detailed and lasts a little longer than anything with Geraldine.  Yet, Geraldine seems to make her presence felt whenever Bartholomew is in a romantic situation.  So there is an intercourse of story lines and experiences here in this piece.  I liked playing with this interplay and referencing previous stories.  Kyle the pool boy even makes a cameo.  So, with no further adieu, here is an excerpt from The Nanny Diary that will be published on Friday, April 26, 2013.

The Nanny opened the door. “Hi Bartholomew! Come on in."

Bartholomew walked into a house that seemed to be very old with dark wooden beams, plaster walls, antique furniture and handmade rugs. This surprised him since he knew the house was less than a year old.

“Do you like my stuff?” asked The Nanny. “I have collected it over the years and take it with me whenever I get a new job.”

“Haven't you been a nanny for Gerald's kids for six or seven years?” asked Bartholomew.

“Six years, eight months.”

“You're not that old. What other nanny gigs have you had?”

“Oh, a few more. But let's not talk about that. Guess what I made for dinner?” Not waiting for Bartholomew to answer she said, “Corn on the cob, green beans, marinated lamb and kale chips.”

“Kale chips?” asked Bartholomew.

“Yes, it’s a new recipe I learned. I think you’ll like them.”

Bartholomew and The Nanny had a perfectly wonderful meal full of good food and good conversation. For dessert, a wild berry torte with real whipped cream, The Nanny put on some coffee and suggested they retire to the living room.

They escorted each other and their desserts to a big comfortable upholstered couch with maple legs. The coffee table was also made of maple and held magazines, a few chotzkes and a condiment dish full of chocolates.

“Oh, this light is too bright. We need candles. Bartholomew, could you grab me the matches on the windowsill behind you?”

At this, Bartholomew became a bit nervous. “Do we need candles?” Memories swirled in his head again. This time it was of Geraldine asking him to retrieve some matches from a windowsill in the cabana. It was one of those matches that started the cabana on fire.

“Don't be silly. I promise you, you will be happier with candles,” said The Nanny.

Bartholomew found the matches and handed them to her. She lit five candles and placed them on tables around the couch. They turned their attention to the very tasty tortes and conversed while eating.

“So, how are your garden plans coming?” asked The Nanny as she ate her last bite.

“Oh, very well. Topping, Charlotte, Ned and Claire are all going to garden with me and so are Uncle Jeffrey and Aunt Josephine. I am very excited.”

Putting her plate on the coffee table and then moving closer to Bartholomew, The Nanny said, “That's great. Is there room for one more?”

“Absolutely,” said Bartholomew as he put down his plate and moved closer to The Nanny. At the same time, they both moved to kiss each other. As they pulled their faces away they stared into each other's eyes. Bartholomew put his arm around The Nanny and they kissed again. This time they kissed much longer. They kissed several more times – each kiss becoming longer and more passionate. Bartholomew wanted to put his hand on The Nanny's breast but wanted to be polite and wait for a signal from her. Instead, he cradled her head in his hand and then began to stroke her hair while they kissed.

“Ohhh,” said The Nanny, “that feels so good. Keep stroking my hair and patting my head. Oh, that drives me crazy!”

Bartholomew didn't mind stroking her hair, but he felt a little funny when he patted her head. But The Nanny's groans indicated that, as silly as Bartholomew felt, he was on the right track. The Nanny unexpectedly pushed Bartholomew backward on to the couch. His leg kicked out and knocked over something on the coffee table. Bartholomew went rigid. He could see a candle rolling to the edge of the table, wax spilling on a magazine. The candle fell aflame onto a handmade floor rug. He was about to yell out, “NO, STOP, GERALDINE! THERE'S A FIRE!” but the candle landed on its tip and went out immediately.

“Are you okay?” asked The Nanny.

Bartholomew took one more glance at the candle and saw that it was indeed out. All of his muscles relaxed and he smiled. He was not with Geraldine. Things were not necessarily going to be a disaster. “Yeah, I'm great,” he said and kissed her again with renewed passion.

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