Saturday, March 8, 2014

#34 - The Eve of Destruction - The Illustrations

The illustrations for Eve of Destruction, the 34th story in The Book of Bartholomew, are by local Twin City artist, illustrator and indie publisher Meghan Murphy Suszynski. She and two friends, in August of 2009, began the uber-hot, sassy and sexy lit magazine Paper Darts.  For Eve of Destruction, she created this wonderful illustration of Xavier and his MG Roadster his father gave him.

I love the sense of falling in this piece. I wrote to Meghan that the circular-revolving feel of this piece makes me want to animate it.  Or print it on a plate and then twirl that plate on top of a stick. I also like the dapperness of Xavier with his vest, striped pants and patent-leather shoes. Xavier is not a slob.  Khua is.  I like the thought that Xavier, though a bully, has a sense of style.

As is the way of Bartholomew, different artists can have different ideas of what the characters in The Book of Bartholomew look like.  I use this approach to the project because I think everyone who reads the stories probably has a different image in their head about the characters.  One representation might capture your image better than another.  Here are other representations of Xavier by artists Matt Wells and Justin Terlecki.

Eve of Destruction will publish this Friday, January 13, 2012at The Book of Bartholomew.

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