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#34 - The Eve of Destruction - The Story

One right of passage is when a young person decides on something they want to do with their life and wants to ask their parent for help.  No, not just ask for money, but actually want to use the skills and talents of their parent because it will make things better.  When I turned twenty-four, I had an idea that I wanted to... When I was twenty-five, I asked my father... I actually can't think of a time like this in my life, but I'm sure it happens.

In The Eve of Destruction, Xavier wants his father, Gerald, to help him hatch a plot to destroy Bartholomew's garden.  The Nanny, on the other hand, is trying to persuade Xavier to partake in better and more positive activities, like looking for his lost sister.  This story again visits Xavier's need for some kind of rush or excitement to keep him happy, satiated.  Boredom is not to be tolerated.  If you become bored, you might actually start thinking about yourself and having feelings.  Xavier is a psychopath in training.  Would it be better if he followed The Nanny or his father?

Here is an excerpt from The Eve of Destruction which will be published on January 13, 2012:

“Xavier?” a voice surprised him. It was The Nanny.

“What do you want?”

“Xavier, why such a harsh voice? I just wanted to know what you are up to today.”

“Nothing, nothing at all,” he said trying to sound more casual.

“Good, I was wanting some help with…”

“I’m busy,” interrupted Xavier.

“I thought you just said you were doing ‘nothing,’” said The Nanny.

“Did I? I meant I’m doing… something,” said Xavier.

“You are? What are you doing then?” asked The Nanny patiently.

“Eh… nothing. Nothing that concerns you. What are you doing?” Xavier replied.

The Nanny looked at him suspiciously. “I am going to look for Geraldine. Care to help me?”

Xavier, whose sister had been missing for five months, was startled to hear her name for the second time in two days. “The police haven’t found her and my father’s people haven’t found her. What do you think you can do?”

“I know her better than them. I know she’s out there. She’s out there right now getting the life that she needs, the life she deserves. You wouldn’t even recognize her, but when she comes back you are going to be surprised. She is going to be beautiful and at peace and have a happy ever-after life.”

Xavier’s face folded-up in disbelief at The Nanny’s words. “What the hell are you talking about?! Have you gone looney?!”

“Now, Xavier, you should trust me more instead of only trusting yourself – and trusting Khua to beat people up for you. I know that you want to be happy and at peace, too. You let this need for excitement get in your way. Hurting people and planning their destruction might be exciting, on some level, but its not going to make your life better. You can break this addiction you have. It only draws you away from people, away from yourself. Please Xavier, come help me find your sister, your own flesh and blood.”

Xavier had known The Nanny for quite a long time. He found her curious in the way she would suddenly say things that went right to his soul. It seemed to Xavier that The Nanny would spend a lot of time with Geraldine and barely pay attention to him, Khua and Mo. Then, out of the blue, she would say something to them that proved him wrong. She had been paying attention to them – so much attention that her words would penetrate their violent and addictive world. This was one of those times.

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