Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Bartholomew and a Carload of Trouble - Illustration

The main illustration for Bartholomew and a Carload of Trouble shows Geraldine having mounted Bartholomew in his 1974 Peugeot. But, of course, the fires of passion between Bartholomew and Geraldine manifest themselves in real flames. Bartholomew is more afraid of the flames than willing to be consumed by them. The first image here is the ink drawing I (Mark Granlund) created from some small sketches.  To see more about creating this illustration from the original sketches check out this previous blog entry at The Artist's Brain blog: Bartholomew and Geraldine Illustration

This next image is the coloring created for the illustration. And when you place the ink drawing over the coloring layer you end up with the image below. The view outside the windshield is from a woodland painting I created years ago. I was happy with the drawing and the coloring, but something wasn't translating when it was finished. Then I added the darker coloring to Geraldine's eyelids and the image came together for me.

Bartholomew and a Carload of Trouble will be published December 7, 2012 at The Book of Bartholomew

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