Thursday, December 13, 2012

Someone to Call Home - Music

This week's music is provided by two different performers: Kelly Jo Roth and Yata!

Some of you might know Kelly Jo from the story reading performance last month at Dreamland Arts.  She played piano, sang songs and was a perfect musical interpreter of the stories read that evening.  Here again, Kelly Jo has written a wonderful song for The Book of Bartholomew.  It is titled Waiting.  Instead of piano, she is on ukelele in this song about waiting for her love to come home.  It is a very catchy tune that will not leave your brain.  I find myself singing it around the house often.

The second musician is Yata.  Some of you may be familiar with Yata from story #2: Gerald Teaches a Life Lesson.  Two of his songs were featured there.  This week's song was chosen for Someone To Call Home by Yata.  We were at a cabin up north with many other artists this last summer.  Everyone took a turn playing music or sharing a poem, etc.  I read this story to the crowd.  After the story was over, Yata wanted to play this song for me because my story had reminded him of it.  It is a song he wrote about his wife.  I was blown away.  A couple of days later we recorded the song in a little 10' x 10' room out over the water.  The violin is played by Terry Elliot on just the second take.  She had not heard the song before - I could tell stories about how amazing a violin player she is, too.

Both of these songs capture so well the feelings I had while writing this story, a sense of longing, a sense of oneness, a sense of peace found in someone you love.

Someone to Call Home will be published tomorrow, 12/14/12 at The Book of Bartholomew.

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