Friday, December 28, 2012

Lunch Rap - The Music

The music for this week's story is by some guys over at Last Triumph collective.  I met JR at an art exhibit about rock and roll over in NE Minneapolis.  JR is a photographer and a musician.  His band is called Sine Circle and will be highlighted at a later story.  But JR is part of this collective and so he works with a lot of different people and they have put out cd's.  JR is responsible for hooking me up with the Dalia songs that were featured in stories #1: Bartholomew Makes a Decision and #6: Claire

In that tradition, this week you can hear some of JR's work in collaboration with MaLLy and DJ Snuggles on a song called Hot Sauce.  And it is HOT!!!!  Then you can hear Crunchy Kids  on a song called Opus.  Check out the music this week and check out the Last Triumph collective.  And thank JR while you're at it.

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