Wednesday, December 12, 2012

The Book of Bartholomew Gifts

This week's story has, for the first time, some related gifts items. 

Uncle Cy's World's Greatest Dad Coffee Mug - $15.95 

This mug is an exact replica of Uncle Cy's coffee mug (see: The Book of Bartholomew Story #11: Someone to Call Home), minus the coffee stains on the inside.  Mug is inscribed with the phrase "World's Greatest Dad" and the word "asshole" written over the word "Dad."  Let your father know exactly how you feel!  Great for Christmas or Father's Day!
Warning: for men who are confident in their familial relationships.

SALAD T-SHIRT - $27.75

Are you a salad eater? Wear what you eat! This ink illustration of an actual salad eaten by the creator of The Book of Bartholomew is fun, crisp and completely vegan.  Have people spend hours staring at your chest trying to identify the lettuce, cheese, red peppers and apple chunks.  T-shirt is a 100% fine jersey cotton unisex shirt, by American Apparel, and is the softest, smoothest shirt they sell. It’s medium weight and made from combed cotton for your added comfort. Gives a flattering and stylish fit to virtually any body type. Made in the USA. Other colors available.
Warning: people might stab you with a fork or pour dressing on you!

Original Salad or Water Glass Ink Illustration: - $65

12" x 12" ink illustration by Mark Granlund
8" x 12" ink illustration by Mark Granlund
Original artwork from The Book of Bartholomew, now available for purchase.  Price includes shipping in U.S.A.  To purchase, email Mark Granlund.

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