Thursday, October 11, 2012

Bartholomew Asks...What Have You Learned From Your Parents?

This week's Bartholomew Asks... is about what we have learned from our parents.  This week's story is about Gerald trying to teach his boys a lesson.  It's not a lesson most of us would try to teach, but that's Gerald.  Of course, there is much we have learned from our parents that we are not even aware of; a tick, a sneer, a laugh, a smile when we are reading, an attitude toward country music, an attitude toward anyone who is different in some manner or another, etc.  But, we are aware of what they tried to teach us through advice, good or bad.  We also know that we are just like them in some ways, whether good or bad.

What have you learned from your parents?  Here is this week's video question.

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