Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Uncle Jeffrey the Violinist - Art

The fourth story in The Book of Bartholomew is Uncle Jeffrey the Violinist.  This story is illustrated by the amazingly talented artist and illustrator Martha Iserman.   I met Martha when I was teaching a botanical art class at the Como Park Zoo and Conservatory.  She was a student and we became friends.  Martha has created a series of work of monsters from the deep, as she has a great fear of water.  I should probably say "fear of bodies of water", because I don't think she minds taking showers, drinking water or watering her garden (if she had one).  She recently graduated from a very competitive scientific illustration certification program at California State University, Monteray Bay and has been doing amazing work. To see more of Martha's artwork go to: www.bigredsharks.com.

Here is a brief interview with Martha about her work for Uncle Jeffrey and what she is up to now.

To see Martha's work incorporated into the story Uncle Jeffrey the Violinist stay tuned to The Book of Bartholomew (www.bookofbartholomew.com) for an October 26 publishing date.

And checkout previews to the next story at The Book of Bartholomew Facebook Page.

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