Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Gerald Teaches a Life Lesson - the Music

The music for the story Gerald Teaches a Life Lesson is by Yata.

With part of the story taking place on an island, I chose two of Yata's island songs, Cocoabutter and Del Mar.  The songs are story appropriate, but I also met Yata for the first time on Mallard Island on Rainy Lake near International Falls, Minnesota.  Yata was leading a creative collaborators workshop and I was a caretaker of the island.  He was gracious enough to let me be a part of the workshop as well.  I soon found that Yata's energy and repertoire are immense, perhaps verging on legendary.  He had gathered an amazing group of people who were ripe for collaborating and, under his fun leadership, it became a magical week.

One participant had read a Walt Whitman poem early in the week. Well, in no time, Yata had written an amazing song that captured the poem, the week and the island.  Here is a snippet of its unveiling.  Yata was as excited as a six year old to share it with us.

Yata is a singer, guitarist and prolific songwriter performing and recording folk music which incorporates the influences of jazz, rockabilly, gospel,country, blues and ballads into his songs.  I'm honored to have Yata providing the music for this story.  He will be back in story #11.  Please check out his website: http://www.yatayata.com/.

The Book of Bartholomew provides two songs from Twin City area musicians with each story published.  To listen to the songs, go to that weeks story at www.bookofbartholomew.com and click on a story cover.  When the story opens, to listen to the first song or second song, click on the symbols:

To stop the songs, click on the symbols:
You can listen while you read or afterward.

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