Thursday, October 25, 2012

Uncle Jeffrey the Violinist - The Music

The music for this story was a special treat.  My next door neighbor happens to be a violinist.  We started talking about The Book of Bartholomew, and in particular this story about a violinist.  I know nothing about classical music.  Any references in the story that make it seem like I know anything about classical music were hurriedly researched or made up.  But Emily was wonderful at helping with the music, which is integral to the story. 

A sonatina, a short sonata, is a major character in the story.  As far as I know, I had never heard a sonatina before.  Emily did some research and found two wonderful short sonatas for violin that would fit the story.  I narrowed it down to the one featured here.  She also found the other song that Uncle Jeffrey plays for Master Czoza half way through the story.  I originally had this as a Mozart composition.  But with Emily's help, it became a Brahm's piece which is a happy contrast to the sonatina and fits the mood of the scene.

Emily plays classical music for weddings and plays with orchestras and in bands. She is often accompanied in these activities by her husband.  They are quite talented and ever so nice people and neighbors. 

I am pleased to have songs especially recorded for The Book of Bartholomew and I think you will like these songs very much, also.  Uncle Jeffrey the Violinist, with Emily's songs, will be published on October 26 at The Book of Bartholomew.

Here is Emily, who is part of this week's Bartholomew Asks... video, talking briefly about her natural talent.  Do you think it will be:
- Music (like Uncle Jeffrey)
- Making Friends (like Topping)
- Cooking (like Charlotte, NOT!)
- Being Snooty (like Oliver)

Watch and find out.

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