Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Geraldine - Art Work


The next story in The Book of Bartholomew, to be published on October 19, is Geraldine. This is the cover image for the short story, painted by myself, Mark Granlund. Yes, this is a painting of a frog being boiled in water. There is an old idea that a frog, because it is cold-blooded and its body temperature is dependent on the temperature around them, could slowly be brought to a boil and cooked without recognizing it.  That is what this painting represents - something terrible happening to someone without their knowledge.

I have painted and drawn frogs over the years so it was fun to revisit this motif.  The boiling water was different.  I have never depicted boiling water and set to watching a pot of water boil.  Funny, time seemed to move slowly, as if it  would never get there.
Here is a drawing of a leopard frog that is included inside the story.  In the cover illustration, the frog represents an unaware character.  This drawing represents a hideous character.  In the printed version, the reverse image is also included.

I hope you enjoy this next story, the music and the illustration.

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