Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Coffee with an Angel - Illustrations

Coffee with an Angel is illustrated by Mary Sandberg.  I didn't know Mary going into this collaboration, but have come to know a very fascinating artist with an interesting background.

Mary has found various outlets for her drawing abilities over the years; from figure drawing, to animation drawing, to designing block prints for book illustrations, to producing limited edition block print calendars.  Mary is part of Out on a Limb Animation with her husband Dave Sandberg, whose animations can be seen on Youtube - (search "zentrash").  In 2007 they completed the adult-oriented animated feature film My Art School Summer, which has been shown in Brazil, Amsterdam, and Berlin.
My Art School Summer also played in Minneapolis in 2011 at the Twin Cities Underground Film Festival.  I didn't know what to expect as I hadn't seen an x-rated animated movie since Fritz the Cat, 1972, which, quite frankly was a dumb movie that tried too hard to be controversial.  Over the next hour and a half I was thoroughly entertained by the story of a young woman exploring her free spirit during a summer at art school.  The characters were so real in their approach to her and in their affects that the movie seemed more of a personal journal than an animated feature.  Yet it was quite funny and the characters were indeed characterized and archetypes of people we all know.  Mary was also a wonderful guest at a Bartholomew Dinner.  I can't share what topics of discussion arose at that dinner, but we were all laughing pretty hard.

Thank you Mary for sharing your wonderful talent.  Your illustration is my daughter's favorite of all the Bartholomew drawings so far.

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