Wednesday, March 6, 2013

The Nanny is Too Literal - Illustrations

The illustrations for The Nanny is Too Literal are created by Raighne Hogan.  I was not familiar with Raighne's work before this project.  He is an accomplished comic artist and small book publisher.  The comic anthology that he edited, Good Minnesotan #4, won second place in the The Comics Journal's Top 25 of 2010.

 He is a small book publisher and you can follow his, and his wife's, publishing exploits at his 2D Cloud Blog or at the 2D Cloud website.

Raighne's illustrations for The Nanny is Too Literal knocked me off my feet. His thick black lines on the portrait capture her Goth tendencies. And what is with that BLUE HAIR? His coloring is perfect, very edgy yet beautiful.

This small scene from the story is also wonderfully done. Raighne's version of Geraldine is quite different from the other artists who have portrayed her, which I love. I want each artist, and reader, to bring their own interpretation to the characters. Here Geraldine seems almost girly, which is a nice touch. I enjoyed watching this scene go through several versions before Raighne settled on this one. Raighne is very demanding of himself, having reworked the piece several times with different characters, different positions and colors. In the end, he captured the scene beautifully. And again, I love his coloring here with the pinks and the blue swipe. The textures and spaces make this piece calm yet interesting throughout.

I am happy to have Raighne working on this project and excited to see his work for another story in the future. I encourage everyone to follow Raighne at 2D Cloud and to see his illustrations when The Nanny is Too Literal is published this Friday, March 8, 2013 at The Book of Bartholomew.

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