Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Oliver the Cat Drawing Contest

Oliver plays a very important role in Bartholomew's life.  Yet, there are only two drawings of him in The Book of Bartholomew.  As you can see below, the drawings are not very descriptive, although I thoroughly like Mary Esch's attacking Oliver.  Oliver's species, coloring, etc. are not identified in the stories.  Oliver needs to be properly represented here at The Book, SOOOOOO, I'm having a contest

Here are the details:
- Submit a drawing of Oliver by NOVEMBER 12, 2012.  You may either post it on The Book of Bartholomew Facebook Page or email it to me
- On November 14, 2012, five final images will be posted on The Book of Bartholomew Facebook Page
- At 5pm CST, on November 19, 2012, the image with the most "likes" and comments will win $100 and appear in a story.

There are only three requirements of the image:
- It must be a short-haired cat
- it must be artwork, no photographs
- It must represent Oliver's general attitude, which is very cat-like (see Story 1 and this week's story)

Here are the two existing images of Oliver, the first is by Mary Esch, the second is by Mark Granlund:

Start your engines...er, pencils.

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