Friday, November 2, 2012

Bartholomew and Geraldine - PUBLISHED TODAY

The fifth story in The Book of Bartholomew, Bartholomew and Geraldine is now available at

This is a riotous story about Bartholomew's first dinner date at home with Geraldine.  Oliver, Bartholomew's cat, is not sure about Bartholomew's new girlfriend.  All Bartholomew wants to do is have a nice evening with Geraldine eating the food he loves.  But in true Bartholomew fashion, chaos gets in between him and his food.  

I must mention that the sound effects in this story were provided by the participants in a couple of week long workshops at Mallard Island. Thank you one and all for a riotous time making funny noises!

I hope you enjoy this story that is wonderfully illustrated by Mary Esch.  Fine art prints of the illustrations from The Book of Bartholomew are now available.  Check out The Last Chapter, the place to purchase The Book of Bartholomew items.

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