Friday, November 16, 2012

Bartholomew and the Cabana Fire - Music by the Miami Dolphins

It is my great pleasure to introduce the Miami Dolphins to The Book of Bartholomew community. The Miami Dolphins are a surf punk/horror-surf band from Saint Paul/Minneapolis.  They write short fast songs that capture an abundance of energy and raw performance.  Patrick Larkin, the engine behind the band, also writes zines and creates the cover imagery for each of their albums.

Cover image from Neon and Foam by the Miami Dolphins

For this story, Bartholomew and the Cabana Fire, I chose the Miami Dolphins because I think they aptly express Bartholomew's inner environment when he is around Geraldine.  He is unsettled and careening down the tracks without much time or space to think.  The Dolphins frenetic pace and seemingly "train of thought" lyrics fly at the listener and pull them into a roller coaster ride of sound.  There's no getting off until they're done.  But, these frenetic rides don't last long with the average Miami Dolphin song lasting about 1m 30s. 

Cover image from Capri Sun by the Miami Dolphins
The Miami Dolphins play around the Twin Cities regularly.  Check them out.  And check out their songs Venice Beach Widowed and Fruit Salad at Bartholomew and the Cabana Fire.

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