Thursday, November 8, 2012

Claire - Music by Dalia

I think Claire and Dalia are a perfect match.  When I first heard Dalia's music, I thought of Claire.  I had to wait for this story to make this happen.  Dalia's songs appeared in the first story of The Book of Bartholomew.  This story shares the songs Light Years Away and Every Bird Sings.

Dalia is part of a local collective of artists called Last Triumph. Last Triumph includes musicians, artists, multi-media-ists (word?), and designers.  Dalia shares the bill at Last Triumph with people like St. Paul Slim, Chuck U., and they even have their own parkour artist.  How rad is that?  I met JR at an art opening.  JR is the contact for Last Triumph and a really great guy.  Last Triumph is always looking for opportunities to collaborate.  Check them out.

As mentioned previously, Dalia is an independent singer-songwriter from Minneapolis, MN. Determined to not be pinned to any one genre or stereotype, her songs bridge musical gaps from folk to hip hop to ambient. She has been actively performing around the Twin Cities since 2005, and released her debut album, Treetops and Telephone Wires, in late 2007. A true DIY artist, she writes and records all of her music, designs all of her own artwork, and does all of her own booking and promotion. For her second album, Abstract Habitat, which was released earlier this year, she personally hand-screenprinted 250 limited edition copies on recycled packaging. Keeping an arms length from the commercial music scene at all times, she is committed to making music that is real, organic, inspiring and fresh.

Dalia's websites:

The Book of Bartholomew provides two songs from Twin City area musicians with each story published.  To listen to the songs, go to that weeks story at and click on a story cover.  When the story opens, click on the symbols:

To listen to the first song or second song.  Click on the symbols:
to stop the songs.  You can listen while you read or afterward.

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