Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Internet Geocache 1 - See Nice Things, Say Nice Things

Internet Geocache?  What the heck is this?

Do you know what geocache, or geocaching, is?  Well, here is an official website to explain it to you.  Yes, it's a treasure hunt.  What is Internet Geocache?  It's a treasure hunt on the internet.  Just as in geocache, you are given coordinates and asked to find something of value, in internet geocache, you are given a clue to a website.  You visit the website and hunt for the clue to the next site.  Now geocache is not just about finding objects, it is about discovering new places and leaving something for the next person to find.  Often, in the cache, one takes out something and replaces it with something else.  In Internet Geocahe, you visit a website and gain knowledge about a subject or an organization.  In exchange, you should leave something positive. If the site you visit is a Facebook Page, leave a comment about what you liked at the page.  If it is a website for an organization, leave a positive message about what you saw.  Geocache is about give and take - so give something good, maybe a comment, maybe a poem, maybe an image or saying...

Here goes the first try:
- We will start with a website associated with this week's story:  Click here to go to the first webpage.

- At this website, look around, see amazing things, leave a comment and then visit the blog.  At the blog, go to the entry on 10/14/2012. In the search box at the top of your screen, type in the kind of animal in this entry followed by the word "como."

- Click on the first website that comes up in the search.  Look around at the website.  Learn some things.  Leave a nice message.

- Click on the "Attractions" button.  Then click on the first link under "Family Fun."

- Look around, learn something and leave a nice message.  Especially check out "Adopt a Pony" and "Restoration."

There, you have now discovered three great places, things, people.  Not only that, but you received some great info, images, etc.  and left nice messages.  It's a good start to a good day.

Thanks for playing Internet Geocache!.

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