Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Ned the Giant - Illustrations

I am happy to have Matt Wells back again doing illustrations for the story Ned the Giant.  These are Matt's two wonderful illustrations for the eighth story in The Book of Bartholomew. As the story opens, Ned is busy in his bedroom putting the finishing touches on a model of a German Stuka fighter plane.  Ned has a bit of an imagination and here Matt captures a dogfight between the Stuka and another plane.I love the perspective and angles on the planes.   I also like the angle and relationship between the two planes - and the tracers (the bullets) are really cool!  Matt has combined a very realistic drawing style with soft coloring.  I find the hues to be beautiful.  Although it is an illustration of war planes, I think it is one of the most beautiful in the book.

In the second illustration, Matt has done an epic job of  capturing the fear of embarrassment that Ned has about people seeing him large and naked.  Here Ned dwarfs the mob of people who are witnessing his size.  Of course, perhaps most embarrassing for a young man would be the exposure of his genitals, or, as you might say "the big man's little man."  Ned's gnarled and twisted sense of exposure is so deftly captured in the positioning of his hands and his giant clumsy-like feet.

Time and again, the artists working with me on this book make me laugh because they have so masterfully captured the feelings of the characters.  Matt will be joining us again down the road in the next book of stories. For more information about Matt, go to his The Book of Bartholomew bio page or go to his personal webpage at

Here's a short interview with Matt about illustrating Ned the Giant.

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