Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Aunt Josephine's Long Ride - Music

There are two beautiful songs that accompany the story this week.  The first is by the Jerry Rau Band.  Jerry Rau has been around the Twin Cities performing for as long as any of you can remember.  Also known as the Minnesota Minstrel, it's not uncommon to see him playing on the streets of the West Bank.  He writes beautiful narrative songs from a folk tradition.  This song, When I'm Gone, is one that I was not familiar with.  I have many cd's and been to many concerts.  I became acquainted with Jerry Rau through his lead guitarist, Mark Hoornbeek.  I have known Mark for a couple decades.  We grew up in neighboring towns outside Chicago, but never met until we lived on the same block in Saint Paul in the 1990's.  Mark has a beautiful clean guitar style that fits so well with Jerry's wonderful song writing.  Mark is also a member of another folk inspired band, Sonic Love Child.
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The second song is by Gabriella Sweet, one of the finest people you will ever meet.  I don't know how many instruments Gabriella plays, but she is quite diverse and often carries her instruments with her.  There is nothing like spending a summer's afternoon on a beach listening to Gabriella playing her guitar, or other instruments, and singing.  It reminds you that this world isn't crazy-curvey, topsy-turvey.  This song, Lac due Flambeau, is beautiful.  I can imagine Aunt Josephine listening to this song, and others like it, on her car ride to the funeral.  The title means Lake of Fire.  Don't ask me to translate the rest of the words - I just think this song is a beautiful fit to the story.  Thank you Gabriella!

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