Thursday, November 22, 2012

Ned the Giant - Music by Phantom Tails

Wow, I feel like a giddy school girl.  I love Phantom Tails and am so happy to have two of their songs here accompanying the Ned the Giant story.  And the real sweet part of this deal is that Matt Wells, the illustrator for the story, is also the illustrator for the covers of Phantom Tails' cd's.  It just doesn't get more full-circle and pregnant with meaning than that. 

 CityPages wrote this about Phantom Tails:

In one of the most fertile 12-month periods of local music in recent memory, more than a few forerunners emerged for the all-too-vague category of Best New Band. But few bands have managed to pinpoint the sound of 2011 better than Phantom Tails, whose multi-genre approach stitches together far-reaching elements like 8-bit electro squeals, snarling Britpop wails, and gloomy prog-rock meanderings into a forward-thinking pop sound that's undeniably catchy. Think an even nerdier, glitchier version of the Gorillaz, or the Sex Pistols partying down at a goth rave with the Mad Hatter. In an era in which genre lines are being blurred faster than bands can delete their MySpace pages, Phantom Tails' charismatic mixed-bag music is a welcome sound indeed.

For those of you who do not know the Twin City music scene, well, it is a popping.  Most people remember the era of Prince (the glyphed one), the Suburbs and the Replacements when they think of the Mpls music scene.  But I think the current cluster of bands and musicians in the Twin Cities is overall deeper than the scene back then because the music world has expanded greatly here.  We now have the Current and the McNally Smith School of Music.  We still have First Avenue but have enumerable good venues that have music 5 - 7 nights a week.  And we have Phantom Tails.

The Armageddon Experience by Phantom Tails

This weeks story, Ned the Giant, features the songs Real Savage and The Oven of Romance.  A snippet of the lyrics for one song are featured in the written story, as well.  I'm very excited and hope you will check out Phantom Tails and Ned the Giant, this Friday, November 23, 2012.

And have a Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

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